The Forest Edge

Welcome to The Forest Edge, a perfect place for unwinding. Nestled in the Himalayas at a stone's throw from The Great Himalayan National Park in Himachal Pradesh, Forest Edge is a home for the heart. The boutique homestay was built by local artisans and masons to keep the flavour of the local architecture intact. There are five rooms which are a balanced mix of earthy interiors and modern amenities to make sure that the traveller feels at home yet lives a dream. The windows open up to the mountains and the Tirthan River.


The Gazebo is a place to relax, dine and just mull over life with a nice cup of masala tea. It is open on all sides, affording a breathtakingly beautiful view of the valley. One can sit there for hours, reading, listening to music, painting or dozing off to the sound of the river.

Come and experience the rustling pine leaves, the gurgling rivers and the chirping birds with an occasional sighting of the mighty Himalayan Leopard (at a perfectly safe distance!). The valley offers you all this. And we, at The Forest Edge, try to make sure that in your sojourn with nature, worldly comforts aren't far behind.

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