About Accomodation


The Forest edge has five rooms: Four double occupancy rooms and one family room. All rooms are done up keeping the Himachali ethos in mind. The mud plaster ensures that room temperature stays ambient. Surrounding the cottages are fruit trees. If you are lucky, you might find a strawberry or two, a bunch of pears, or apples.


If you are a couch potato, the rooms promise to keep you comfortable! Just throw back the curtains and the mountains are in your room. Panoramic views from the room make sure that you do not regret your decision to just snuggle in.

During winters, the rooms are kept cozy with heaters while the gazebo has its own bukhari. If sitting outdoors appeals you, nothing is better than sitting by a bonfire!

Love books? We have you covered. The library tucked away at the first level caters to a wide variety of choices. On most days, you’d find local kids sitting and reading or painting there.

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