Do Nothing

The city life paces our existence. We plan our day down to the last minute. We honk at the car ahead and slam the steering wheel every time we are stuck in a jam. Stuck. That’s what our heart feels at times. Stuck in a hectic job, every day stresses, pollution, and speed.

Mountains slow you down. They let you breathe the fresh air that carries with it the fragrance of pine leaves. The river gurgles across the road. And you can just be. Get up early or late, curl up in the gazebo with music, a book or just your thoughts. Have endless cups of masala chai, coffee or may be something more potent. Watch the clouds float past and the butterflies dance around. The music of nature gets occasionally broken by an enthusiastic ‘namaste ji’ from a neighbour followed by the warmest smile you have ever experienced.

So this summer, experiment with doing nothing. Don’t plan. Just come over and let the mountains decide and the river suggest.

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