About Us

One fine morning, a family arrived in Tirthan valley for a small day-excursion. We were armed with a guide and a picnic basket. Before coming here, we had gone to all sorts of hill-stations across Himachal Pradesh. So Himalayas were our old friends. The driver pulled the car over to find out details about trout-fishing and we stepped out of the car. From that moment on, our hearts never stepped back in the car.

Sometimes when we look back, it seems surreal. We were typical city people, doing our jobs, trying to make ends meet and yet here we are! Before we knew it our home was ready. The Forest Edge - a homestay right at the edge of the forest where like-minded people could meet, chat or just sit in a quiet corner and contemplate.

The construction of the place was done in a traditional Himachali fashion - with flexible ideas and nearly no plan! Our contractor called the shots. We would go armed with designs, he'd listen and nod, and then go ahead and make things the way he thought they ought to be. And thank God for that! Today The Forest edge has rooms that are traditional in ambience and yet are equipped with all modern amenities. The mud plaster lends it the village touch but the washrooms could not be compromised upon! The kitchen can churn out traditional delights like Siddu with equal ease as a typical homemade chicken.

We dreamt of The Forest Edge to be our home and a boutique homestay for friends. It is surreal that it has become just that and a tad bit more. To the children from the neighbouring villages, it is a place where they can drop in and read books, indulge in art and just be. So come, be a part of this dream. Stay with us.

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