Things To Do


Tirthan Valley is famous for trout fishing. So if flyfishing interests you, this is the place for you! You do not have to be a veteran at it, all you need is enthusiasm, patience and well, fish in the river! Being a part of a fragile ecosystem, we encourage catch and release. Indulge in fishing but to make sure there is plenty in the river, just release it back! The fish served in our kitchen is sourced from the local fishery.

Treks and hikes

The valley offers treks for all sorts of travellers. From a 40 minute trek to the gorgeous waterfall to a couple of days deep into the National Park – take your pick. You could also drive down to Jalori pass and trek to the Ragupur fort and the Saryolsar Lake.The Raghupur fort region affords a 360 degrees view of the mountains as far as the Dhauladhar ranges. The trek to the lake carries with it a sense of unending peace only to be gently shaken by the bells tinkling in the temple nearby.

Village walk

A short walk of about 15 minutes will take you to a traditional himachali village. Enjoy the view, talk to the natives, observe the local architecture and play a game or two with the kids!

Bird Watching and GHNP

An early riser is sure to catch a riot of colours on trees - the birds of Tirthan. You name it, and you have it - long tail magpies, Flycatchers, Drongos, Green Backed Tits - the list can go on. Trek a little and you are at one of the most gorgeous waterfalls you can find in the mountains, untouched, pristine. Hike some more and The Great Himalayan National Park (A UNESCO World Heritage site) welcomes you. The options are limitless, just like the valley. So pack in those binoculars, wake up early and be overwhelmed. You might even spot a flying squirrel or two, if lucky!

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